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Tracie Hewitt, MA - Licensed Educational Psychologist #4031

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Tracie has over 20 years of experience conducting psychoeducational evaluations, counseling in individual and group formats and supporting learning difficulties, ADHD and Autism. In addition, she is able to consult with school teams to help provide behavioral and social emotional support, provide guidance with intervention and participate in educational planning. 

In addition to assessment and counseling, Tracie is committed to providing support to parents as they navigate the various stages of child rearing.  She coaches parents through behavioral and social emotional difficulties, as well as the everyday needs that emerge in modern parenting.  Her approach includes the idea that “there are a lot of effective ways to parent and few ways to do it wrong,” which allows for individual family differences and needs.  She operates from the theory that “children who can, do,” meaning that if a child is not doing something, it’s because he or she cannot. She will work with parents in helping their child to build skills in emotional and behavioral regulation and discover barriers to functionality.

Tracie has a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology from University of Northern Colorado. In addition, she holds a Pupil Personnel Services Credential as a school psychologist in California and is licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to practice Educational Psychology.  Tracie is training to become a certified coach, specifically in the area of parenting and personal transformation.

Tracie Hewitt, MA Licensed Educational Psychologist #4031
Tracie Hewitt, MA - Licensed Educational Psychologist

Our Services

Coaching and Consultation with families regarding learning, behavior, social emotional needs, and other challenges.

Psychoeducational Assessment, including investigating learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Social/Emotional needs of students from preschool through college, including adult students.

Collaborating with school districts regarding special education, 504 accommodations, and school wide systems to support learning and behavior

Group and individual counseling specific to behavior, anxiety, depression and social pragmatics


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